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Configure Lotus Notes Backup

Created: 27 Jul 2012 • Updated: 24 Sep 2012 | 5 comments
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Hi team,

i m unable to configure lotus notes backup, in backup exec 2012

i m not able to view Lotus Tab in backup selection list

can i select flat file backup.

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If you have lotus notes agent then please don't perform flat file backup. What version of Lotus is this ? what is the error when you expand lotus



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There is no Lotus Tab in BE.

1) Make sure that your version of Notes is supported.  See the SCL below

BE 2012 SCL

2) Install at an Agent for Applications and Databases licence in the media server for the Domino Server

3) Create a backup job.  Browse to the Domino server and expand it.  You should see a Domino Databases section.  Select your .nsf from this section.  Do not select your .nsf from under the C: drive.  If you do not see the Domino Databases section, push out the remote agent again to the Domino server and restart the Domino service.

You would not be able to do flat-file backups of the .nsf files because they are automatically excluded by AFE.  You can only do so if you turn off AFE,  See the document below.

Even if you turn off AFE, you got to stop the Domino service before you can backup the .nsf files.  Otherwise, when you restore them, you will find that they are not usable.

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lotus Domino 8.5,

not get any error when expanding it not view under selection list.

Thanks PKH for update


Nilesh Rajpure,

Symantec Backup Support.

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Do you have a Windows Agent installed? If yes, have you rebooted after the installation?

In our environment, we use Backup Exec 2012 with Lotus Domino 8.5.2, and it's working well.

At first I had problems with the backup of our Lotus Domino server, but this was solved by removing the server from the server list in the BE console, removing the agent from the Lotus Domino server, rebooting the Domino server, and reinstalling the windows agent through the BE Console.

In the Backup Options-window, we do have a "Lotus Domino"-tab, but it's empty. However, when selecting the items to back up in the Selection List-window, I can select "Lotus Domino Databases".

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now i can able to see Lotus Tab in backup selection list.

i found that the lotus server is in cluster, i m installing agent on only one lotus server after installing the agent on second server i m able to see the LOTUS TAB.

Thanks a lot guys.


Nilesh Rajpure,

Symantec Backup Support.