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configure NDMP tape drive paths

Created: 15 Apr 2013 | 9 comments


 i have to add 4 tape drives to new nas device [ isilon - backup accelarator ] so i zone those 4 drives to both media server and isilon i don't want to dedicate those 4 to nas so how can i add extra path to this nas device.

i complete the discovery part and i can see those drives [ xxcbn ] if i try to add those by add drive wizard but there is no tab giving me add extra path to nas device did i miss anything here ? or any config cmds needs to be run media server for that nas device

 NAS host is added to ndmp hosts on master server [ admin console ]

 tape devices also visible on nas devices & media server

nasstorage-1# isi tape ls -v
Tape Device      State        WWNN              Vendor/Model/Revision/Serial
Path        LUN               WWPN              Port id
IBMLTO_04        closed       xxxxx  IBM xxxxxxxxxxx    
IBMLTO_05        closed       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
IBMLTO_13        closed       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
IBMLTO_14        closed       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
IBMLTO_15        closed       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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You may check the NetBackup 7.5 NDMP Admin guide, section "Configuring NDMP backup toNDMP attached devices".

Please make sure that the backup master/media server can resolve the NDMP host .

Page 44 list how to Authorizing NetBackup access to the NDMP host through the NBU gui. Once the credentials have been put , you can proceed with the configuration of devices. To make sure that the credentials are correct, run "tpautoconf -verify ndmp_host_name".

Please also check the "setting up sso overview" on page 74. Proceed to the "NetBackup Device Configuration Wizard" and Configure the devices. Page 76 mentions that you need to click on change and place a check mark beside "NDMP server". This is the server where the NDMP agent add-on has been installed. 

After the device is configured please proceed to create the NDMP policies.


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In addition to above excellent post - have you added NDMP license to your master server?

NBU 7.5 NDMP Admin Guide can be found here:

If you need manuals for another NBU version, you can find links in 'handy NBU links' in my signature.

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we do have ndmp license and i have that pdf/doc , i completed all the wizard steps except by the last one before i click finish.

question: here my NDMP nas box needs only robot 0 and drives 1 & 2 so do i need to uncheck the top robot  [ robot 1 ] and select the only dirves [ drive 1 & dirve 2 ]  under robot 0 or i have to select all drives ?

Here i attach the screen shot of last step.

appreciate your help guys.

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As you are scanning the devices of the server where the NDMP add-on is also installed (maybe the master or another media server) along with the NAS box, make sure that you continue to keep selected those devices on the master/media server, for NDMP devices just choose the once that are connected to the NAS box.

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but nas connected tapes are showing path for the drives at last screen and even when i run the probe its not showing any tape drives

oot@master1:/opt/openv/netbackup$ tpautoconf -verify
Connecting to host "" as user "nas_backup"...
Waiting for connect notification message...
Opening session--attempting with NDMP protocol version 4...
Opening session--successful with NDMP protocol version 4
  host supports TEXT authentication
  host supports MD5 authentication
Getting MD5 challenge from host...
Logging in using MD5 method...
Host info is:
  host name "nas-6"
  os type "Isilon OneFS"
  os version "v7.0.1.4"
  host id "000743098c772e5242510c270eb8b0b0"
Login was successful
Host supports LOCAL backup/restore
Host supports 3-way backup/restore
root@master1:/opt/openv/netbackup$ tpautoconf -probe
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Do make sure that the particular OS\model of isilon is supported by NBU in the compatibility guide.


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if "tpautoconf -probe ndmp_host" does not show any devices, there should be something wrong with nas that prevent nas from providing tape devices to NetBackup. Please ask EMC if there are any settings that masks devices from netbackup. Or analyze response packets if device informstion is there.

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NAS box itself able to detect the devices ; but not able present those to netbackup.

Is the zoning done properly...Please get Storage team here to investigate more on this...

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myself is from storage team as well :).. tapes are visible on both isilon and media server. anyway i open case with isilon what they inform me is this backup accelarator  [ which has fiber connections to tape devices ] needs to have network connection as well. initially i thought media server is communicating to isilon cluster so no network connection is required but as per support it requires and it should be part of system access zone on isilon.

so we are doing patching this week and let u guys know the update.