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Configure SCSP as Active & Standy

Created: 31 Aug 2012 | 2 comments

Hi all

Can anyone tell me if I can make SCSP management console as Active and Standby ???

If so, plz tell me how..

Many thanks

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You can have standby console by keeping the SCSP Server services turned off. But you should have two SCSP Server/consoles running, pointed at the same DB and load balance between them.If you have a second DB put it in standby mode and log ship from your primary.Then turn it up during a failover and point both SCSP servers at the new DB.  Refer to the SCSP_Plan_and_Deploy.pdf in the 5.2.9 release.

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Most of the people I have worked with have multiple SCSP managers (not consoles) running, with one to be designated as the failover.

For instance, if you have 4000 agents, use 3 SCSP managers (Tomcat servers) A, B, and C.  Run all 3 management servers 100% of the time.  Load balance between A and B and use C as a failover by configuring the Management Server list on 50% of your agents to use A as its primary and C as its secondary.  Then, configure the other 1/2 of your agents to use B as its primary, and C as a failover.  What you will get is a load balanced scenario with a backup in case of failure.

By design, all the Tomcat servers will point to the same database or database cluster.

I have also seen people use DNS Round Robin to load balance the between servers A and B, with the secondary server (C) in the management server list to be the IP address of the backup, in case the primary server cannot be reached, or the DNS system breaks.

If you really are looking for the CONSOLE to be active and standby, please tell me your logic for this to help me understand why.  You can load the console.exe on multiple machines, including the management server itself, laptops or other workstations. The console points to a particular management server (Tomcat server), and you can connect one console to various management servers by adding multiple management servers to the pull-down list in the console. 

Let me know if this helps.

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