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Created: 20 Mar 2013 | 7 comments


This is the scenario. I have 2 servers. 1 is a device host for netbackup 6.0 and the other 1 is client but attached with the standalone tape drive HP Ultrium 3-SCSI with single tape loader.

My question is, can I configure the tape drive which is not attached at device host server? If the answer is posibble, please help me to show what is the steps to do that? I install the tape drive at client server is because my device host server doesn't installed with any SCSI port.



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first you would need to install the Netbackup Media server software to the server where the standalone drives is connected.

once you configure it as media sever, you are able to configure the standalone drive.

read the below T/N to know more about standlone drive management

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In addition to steps in Nagalla's post, your Master Server needs to be NetBackup Enterprise Server in order to add a media server.
You also need Enterprise Server or Enterprise Client license in order to install media server software on the client.

Please see my comments about NBU 6.0 in your other post:

While there - please provide feedback? 

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Its possible, but, like the other answers, you need to install Netbackup Master Server in 1 server and the Netbackup Media Server in another, with the device attached, the Netbackup client can't use any device, only sends information to the Media Servers.

Be careful with the use of standalone devices, because it is more difficult to work and the media must be labeled correctly and properly.

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May I know where I can download the Netbackup Media Server software? I couldn't found in the veritas netbackup 6.0 CD's. Please help. Thanks

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There are no specific software for media server. Use same media for master server.Before installing, you need to uninstall client software if installed.

As mentioned above, your master server must be configured with Enterprise Server license, and new media server requires Enterprise Server(common media server) or Enterprise Client(SAN media server - limited edition of media server) license key.

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My Netbackup License server are not support Media Server, its only include Master Server and Remote Administration Console.

Is there any other method instead of installing Netbackup Media Server?

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No other way.

You have 2 choices:

  1. Upgrade your NBU Server license to Enterprise Server and purchase Enterprise Client license which will allow you to add a media server.
  2. Purchase another NBU Server license and configure standalone master/media server backing up itself. 

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