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Configuring backup for Enterprise Vault

Created: 09 Jan 2013 • Updated: 10 Jan 2013 | 9 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi, Please need your help ASAP to configure backup for EV.

Environment details:

NetBackup: Master server 7.0.1 and media servers are same NBU version;

OS of master and media servers: Win 2008R2 ent 64bit;

Enterprise Vault version is 9.0

I need answer and help for below questions:

1. When i will configure backup for directory adn monitoring database what server i should add to policy client. databases are located seperately. EV servers does not have DBs?

2. When i configure backup for Open Partitions for one of the servers it is recommanded to add Open Partitions and fingerprint databases to the same policy. In my case for one server I have two open partitions in two seperate Storage Groupes, which means two seperate fingerprint databases. Should i create two policies, or i can put everything into one?

3. Do i need to run any client service under particular account or local account will fine?

4. While doing backup for directory database where i need to add account which should have access to do backup of SQL DB?

5. Do I need NBU client software on SQL server where EV DBs are located?

6. How i can configure backup for Vault Store Databases. it is not shown in the guide ot any TN.

I am following below documents as a help, but could not find answer to below questions.>>

and admin guide


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Andrew Madsen's picture

Did you look at the administrator's guide?

The above comments are not to be construed as an official stance of the company I work for; hell half the time they are not even an official stance for me.

Will Restore's picture

The questions you ask a very basic and the answers are there.

Follow all the requirements described in the EV Portal

for example

To perform backups and restores, NetBackup must know the user name and

password for the account that is used to logon to the Enterprise Vault server and

to interact with the Enterprise Vault SQL database. The user must set the logon

account for every NetBackup client that runs backup and restore operations for

Enterprise Vault components.

The Enterprise Vault agent user should have the following user-credential


■ The ability to back up and restore SQL databases

■ The ability to communicate with the Enterprise Vault services and to put

Enterprise Vault into backup mode

■ Permissions to read and write from the Enterprise Vault file system paths such

as the Enterprise Vault partitions, and index locations.

Will Restore -- where there is a Will there is a way

Amaan's picture

I have done the same:

i changed all client services to run with service account which has admin rights on both EV and SQL server;

I entered credentials in the host properties, but backup is failing with error 2 while doing backup for open partitions and fingerprint DB. any help with that.

Amaan's picture

I found below errors in bpresolver log:

12:01:56.962 [8304.4248] <16> bpresolver_main(): bpresolver could not resolve the passed directive set.
12:01:56.962 [8304.4248] <4> bpresolver_main(): INF - EXIT STATUS 2

backup selection is:


Please help

Dyneshia's picture

Most of you questions are in the configuration section of the EV Agent Portal :

The tech note is broken down by documentation and configuration.

The configuration section is broken down even further by the EV and Netbackup version.

Since you are running EV 9 , please review and follow :

Andrew Madsen's picture

Did you try using quotes around EVSTore par1? A lot of applications that have parameters passed do not like spaces.

The above comments are not to be construed as an official stance of the company I work for; hell half the time they are not even an official stance for me.

Will Restore's picture

I can verify quotes are not required, rather I think the trouble is in the configuration


enter the Vault Store name not the Partition name

Will Restore -- where there is a Will there is a way

Amaan's picture

thanks everybody. I fugered out the problem, but when I open the forum discussion i found that Will already found the problem.

I did not correctly understand the EV topology well.