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? on configuring BE for MS SQL where database is on SANs

Created: 23 Jan 2013 • Updated: 25 Jan 2013 | 2 comments
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We have:

  • BE 2012 running on Windows 2008 R2
  • BE 2012 RAWS + Enterprise Option
  • MS SQL 2008 R2 (standard) running on Windows Server 2008 R2
  • SANs used for master, temp, and db (size 200 GB)

Separately, we backup the entire Windows 2008 R2 server where MS SQL 2008 R2 is installed (i.e. only has C: drive)

The database files reside on attached SAN and not on the C: drive.

Due to size, we want to only backup SQL and not everything on the C: drive and not everything on the SANs

When configuring BE 2012 for SQL backup, it sees MS SQL and the several databases and their correct sizes.

Questions when setting up configuration:

  1. Do we need to include the C: drive to be backed up (though no database here) or just check the box to backup the MS SQL databases?
  2. Do we need to check the SANs drives too, or will BE automatically read the database files from them ?
  3. If we include the C: drive and the SAN drives, and check the SQL option, will BE only backup the database or will it backup all of C: and all of the SANs?

If the databases were smaller we would just try various options and see, but due to their size and the time required to backup, it would be a lengthy trial and error process.

Thank you in advanced for your help,

-- Bill --

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The BE SQL agent in effect does a SQL backup straight to whatevere Device you choose as a target using the API provided by Microsoft (and VSS)

If you try to backup the SQL database files directly from the SAN volume instead of via the SQL selection for the database then it will not back them up as Automatic File Exclusion (AFE) blocks the backup of file types that should be protected by specific agents.

1) Only if you want to backup the file system data on the C: drive

2) No as the DB selection handles this for you although if there is non SQL data on the SAN drive then you may need to back this up

3) This will almost give a full DR of the server (System State would also be needed) but the DB info will only be backed up via the SQL selection as AFE will block the file system selection of the DB files so you will not get two copies of the SQL data by selecting both ways in way job - but will get all your C: drive and the non SQL data on the SAN drives

Note: if you ONLY back SQL then a DR recovery would be manually install a server with SQL on the restore the SQL data into it.

IMPORTANT: You have not mentioned if you have a SQL Agent license for Backup Exec - you will need this.

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Thanks for the quick reply.  Applied the changes and checked after last night's backup run - works as advertised :-)


-- Bill --