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Configuring IT Analytics

Created: 22 Jan 2013 • Updated: 28 May 2013 | 2 comments

I am trying to configure IT Analytics based on the instructions at  When I specify the Analysis Server Name and click the Verify Connection button, I get a message stating the Analysis Server 'COLVSSAS17\AS17' does not exist.  I have verified the name is valid and can connect to it using SQL Server Management Studio. 

The Analysis server is in a cluster of physical servers so COLVSSAS17 is a virtual name.  Are there restrictions on the use of clustered physical servers?  Do you have any troubleshooting suggestions for this situation?

In our development environment we were able to set up IT Analytics, but dev uses a single physical server instead of a cluster of physical servers.

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1. Don't know about clustered physical servers support.

2. Did you check what "Web Service URL" are in "Reporting Services Configuration Manager" for your SQL Server?

In my case I have ITMS installed, which works through SSL via non default port 777

By default I see that in "Reporting Services Configuration Manager" is only single Web Service URL only for 80 port. I've added another Web Service URL for HTTPS - 777 port and see that connection was successfully verified for it.




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SQL Analysis Services is definitely cluster aware, whereas Reporting Services is not, but it sounds like you're having issues first and foremost with connecting to Analysis Services. We've seen IT Analytics work in a cluster at several customer sites. Have you ensured you can hit the SQL server cluster via other methods from the box you're installing IT Analytics on? 

We have some support engineers that will be happy to help and I'll reach out to you offline for assistance.