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Configuring Netbackup for SAP offline backup in cluster nodes

Created: 22 Nov 2012 | 4 comments

Netbackup version : 7.5

Operating sysem : Solaris 10

Solaris cluster : 3.2 (2 node cluster)

How to configure the offline SAP backup in cluster? Is it same as the Online SAP backup configuration? 

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Marianne's picture

Installation and configuration is the same as non-clustered SAP. 
The difference is when you configure the policy.

S ee this extract from NBU for SAP manual:

Adding clients to a NetBackup for SAP policy
The client list contains a list of the clients on which your scripts are run during
an automatic backup. A NetBackup client must be in at least one policy but can
be in more than one.
For a NetBackup for SAP policy, clients you want to add must have the following
software installed:
■ NetBackup client or server
■ The backup or restore script(s)
To add clients to a NetBackup for SAP policy
1 In the Policy dialog box, click the Clients tab.
2 Click New.
3 Type the name of the client and press Enter (Windows) or click Add (Java).
If SAP is installed in a cluster, specify the virtual SAP name as the client name.

Further on in the manual:

If you use NetBackup for SAP in a cluster, make sure that
the scripts reside in a location that is available after a failover.

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Hi Marianne,

I am new to Netbackup for SAP. I have configured NBU for SAP online backup and it is working fine.             I have few doubts regarding the offline backup.

    In the case of Offline SAP backup in a cluster:  When the backup started the script will shutdown the SAP then Whether the cluster services will try to bring the SAP services up in the other node??

Do we have to do any changes in cluster script?

Marianne's picture

Oh dear - I was not paying attention to the offline requirement... blush
I have personally never received such a request.

You are so right - If SAP is offlined by the backup it would probably cause a failover.
I cannot find any NBU documentation that even mentions offline backup in a cluster.

Questions you need to ask:
Why is offline backup necessary?
Critical application needs to kept online all the time, right?

A quick Google search found this question asked in the Sap Community Network:  and

Maybe best if you ask this question in a SAP forum as well?

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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Customer wants the Offline SAP backup policy to be configured and tested in their environment, but not SCHEDULED.

Whenever they get downtime, they want to take the offline SAP backup.

We have also configured the entire file system backup, but Offline SAP backup is the requirement from customer.