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Configuring Packages and Images without a Site Server

Created: 01 Feb 2013 | 2 comments

We are having an issue where we are trying to image using SMP 7.1 but Ghost is trying to get it's images from a server that doesn't have them.

We have 3 sites with a very fast link (10GB) between them.  Site #3 should be getting it's packages/images from Site #1.  SMP 7.1 lists all Site #3's subnets, but no site server.

We also have several other Sites and Site Servers, (Site #4, Site #5, etc) but these are over slower links.

So, how does the process work and what is controlling where Site #3 is looking for it's packages and images?  Because, it is actually trying to get them from Site #4 (which also doesn't have the images, just the packages).

Should I change the setup so that Site #3's subnets appear under Site #1?

Is there a way to separate Site Servers which hold .GHO files, and Package Servers which hold software installs?

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Assign all subnets to sites.  Make sure each site has a site server assigned which contains the resources needed by computers in that site.  The typical configuration would be Site A, Site B, Site C, Site D, Site HQ.  Site HQ has the NS and a site server running task, package, and deployment services/handlers.  You want to image at sites A and B, but not C and D; therefore, you put task, package, and deployment services/handlers at A and B but only package service on C and D (since you don't need to image there, you don't need the deployment handlers, and therefore do not need task, either).  Finally, your other geographical sites W, X, Y, and Z are small over fast links, so although you assigned the subnets for these sites to the sites W, X, Y, and Z in Altiris site maintenance, you didn't assign local site servers.  Instead, you assigned them to the HQ site server.  W/X/Y/Z have fast links and will go across the WAN to the site server at the HQ data center for package data.

If your .gho files are replicating as part of standard Deployment Solution stuff, your .gho files will be present at Site HQ, A, and B.  They will not be present at C, D, W, X, Y, or Z, so you cannot image there.

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These articles will help:

"Best Practice: Managing Task Server Communications in 7.0 and 7.1"

"Commonly Used Articles for Deployment Solution 7.x (updated November 2012)"

There is a KB article somewhere that explains how once the Task Agent has connected to a Task Server it will then try and pull images from there, even if it's not a Deployment Task Server or has the images hosted.

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