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Configuring SAN SSO on existing Backup Server

Created: 30 Oct 2012 • Updated: 27 Feb 2014 | 3 comments
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We are looking to utilise our SAN infrastructure to improve the speeds of our backups as they are currently running slowly across the LAN.

Having tried to go through with the SAN SSO configuration, we discovered that the current info in the database was wiped out - Scheduled jobs/job history/media sets etc - all gone! We've now recovered back to were we were before trying out the SAN SSO config, but would still like to use it for the speed benefits.

We have 3 buildings in a triangle shape:-

Building 1 - Hosts a 2008 R2 server running BE 2010 R3 acting as the main backup server and 2x HP tape libraries

Building 2 - A 4 node Hyper-V cluster all running Server 2008 R2 also. With a HP SAN.

Building 3 - A second 4 node Hyper-V cluster also all running Server 2008 R2. With a HP SAN.

All these devices are attached to 8Gb fibre switches that are all linked in the triangle. All Hyper-V servers can see the tape libraries.

We first off tried using BEUtility.exe to create a New Media Server Group which contained the backup server and one of the Hyper-V nodes (only using one node for testing at the moment) and set the backup server as the Primary SAN SSO server. Then, with full Backup Exec installed on the Hyper-V server (only a trial for testing) we also used BEUtility to set the backup server as the Primary SAN SSO server. Could this be were it's gone wrong?

After this, we looked at creating a new job and could access the Hyper-V node and list it's drives and files etc but noticed that the tape libraries had been renamed and our backup to disk folders were gone. We cancelled the test job and investigated why the data had gone instead and recovered back to our initial config.

Were we on the right lines? The SAN SSO seems to be a tricky beast to configure? Can anyone shed any light on the best way of configuring this please? Also, should we then see any options relating to the SAN SSO when configuring a new job?

Sorry for the long post, very confused here!

Thanks for your time.


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Hope this help -

The idea is to configure 1 server as SAN SSO Primary and then set the others as SAN SSO Secondary.

Also here are the best practises doing so

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It should work as follows:

1. Install SAN SSO license on designated media server & promote to Primary SAN SSO server.

2. Install full versions of BE with all licenses on other media servers, and run the SAN SSO wizard to point to the primary SAN SSO server.

3. Zone your media servers to see your FC-attached tape library and this will be pulled through to both Windows Device Manager and BE Devices (once you run the SAN SSO wizard).

4. COnfigure your jobs to run to the tape library.

I used a dedicated backup server to run SAN SSO...if you have 1, I recommend this. It's easy-enough to set up. But you have a 2-pronged approach here...configure SAN SSO as per best practices and what you want it to do, and configure Hyper-V to backup across the SAN using its best practices. This will be the next thing to check out.


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thanks in advanced ,

kindly tell the detailed procedure of installing SAN storage , initial to end . i am new in backup exec kindly help me out 

and whats logic behind the 

 promote a media server to a primary SAN SSO Server.

plz reply me soon