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Confirm of read asked every time for archived mail

Created: 05 Dec 2012 | 8 comments


In my Outlook 2010 I set :
"Ask every time if send a confirm read"

When I receive a message, when I open it, it asks if I want to send the read confirm or not, but only the first time that I open the message.

If I archive the message, before I read it,this happens:

when I retrive it from the archive, it prompts if I  want to send the read confirm or not, but it asks me every time I retrieve it !

When I retrieve the message from OWA, it happens, that if I answer "Yes" ( want to send the read confirm ) it sends the read confirm every time!

Can anybody help me?

Thanks for your help.

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Rob.Wilcox's picture

There was a bug around this area ...  what version of Enterprise Vault do you have?

It could also be that the bug was unfixable at the time.

In the end, one explanation of what you're seeing is that the message, once archived, is frozen.  So when you send the read receipt the first time, Outlook tries to update the item, but can't.  So the next time you try to open the item, you get the read receipt prompt again.

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Hi Biso

i understand Symantec are not supporting EV 9.0.4 as it had 'issues'

it is recommended any users on this release upgrade to EV 9.0.4R1

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What adebola24 says is correct - 9.0.4 R1 was released to address some issues in the initial release.. but this issue which you are describing isn't one that is fixed in that re-release.

I honestly can't remember the details of the issue (which I worked on at Symantec a couple of years ago) relating to read receipts.  I mean I can't remember the specifics of whether there was something that could be done to fix it.

But a bit of surfing ....

Have a look in the Registry Guide on the media..  Look for


Set it to 1 in the appropriate place, bingo, should fix it.

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I tried but the registry key doesn't fix the problem.

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Let me see if I can manage to reproduce it again, fix it, and see what the trace says (then we can compare it with yours).

Can do by tomorrow ...

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Ok, thanks for your help!

I am waiting for your feedback.


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I have reproduced the same issue you are encountering.  Doesn't seem to affect Outlook 2003, but does affect Outlook 2010.  I haven't tried Outlook 2007.

The registry key that I referenced before won't help - that key was added particularly relating to expiry of items (and that generating a huge amount of not-read receipts being fired to the originator of the messages).

At least, that's what I remember of the issue now, a few years down the line from when I looked into it.

So back to your issue..  I'd suggest logging a call with Symantec Support, and reference this thread.  It might be something that can be investigated.