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Confusion between Synthetic & De-Duplication Backup

Created: 07 Oct 2013 • Updated: 08 Oct 2013 | 7 comments
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Dear Experts

I am in the phase of Learning Backup Exec 2012. I have downloaded a trial version and working with it. I am bit confused regarding two features. In short I need differences and some scenraio to understand the different logics.

I need to know the difference between a Synthetic Backup and De-Duplication Backup with prespective to both Backup and Restore as in the end you get a Full Backup to restore. I am aware with few of the differences but still I have some confusion in understanding the core logics behind.

If anyone could explain.


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Synthetic backups are a means of combining a full backup and the subsequent backups into another full backup without the need to access the source server.  For a fuller explanation, search the web for synthetic backups.

De-duplication is a means of storing backups in which only one copy of a data block is stored.  For example, if the first 128kB of both FileA and FileB then only one copy of this 128KB would be kept.  This way, the storage requirement is minimised.  Again, for a fuller explanation, search the web.

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Thanks pkh for your reply. If you could explain a bit more in detail that would be helpfull. I have searched the web and therefore got all the confusion as I have read many of articles now. An example for both in similar situation will be helpfull too.

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I see that you are a SSE+ in NBU.  Synthetic backups and deduplicated backups stand for the same things in BE and NBU. So if you are familiar with NBU, these are concepts which should not be alien or confusing to you.

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Thanks pkh. 

I guess i was unable to express what was my confusion. Though after your answer and my few tests, I have cleared my point of confusion. Thanks for your feedback. 

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Adding to what phk mentioned Synthetic backups and Dedup don't work together. As in for a Synthetic backup set you can't use Deduplication as a Backup target.

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Thanks Jaydeep, I got that.

I am preferening a scenario based answer for a difference. to clear the misconcepts I am handled with right now.

---------Clear Now--------

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Dear Jaydeep, I am done with my understandings now. You can ignore my previous query.