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Connect few media server to tape library

Created: 15 Nov 2012 • Updated: 03 Feb 2013 | 5 comments
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Good afternoon.

There is an existing domain Netbatskup - master server and one media server. All connected use san. Storage for backup - tape library SUN STORAGE SL 500 with 2 drivers.

Within the mainstream media bought 2 more servers.

what settings should be done to three media servers have seen a tape library?

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For first, you have to setup at hardware level - connect new servers to SAN and configure zoning so that these servers can see tape drives.

Next, configure OS to recognize tape drives on SAN.

Then, install NetBackup server software on new servers and join them into existing domain.

Finally, run Device Configuration Wizard(click 'Configure Storage Devices') and proceed.

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These actions are understandable.
how to make the settings so that all media servers have seen the tape. I understand one media server, I choose a "robotic control host" and  other  - "Robot control is handled by a remote host"?

what settings should be done to all the media server to have access to all drive tape library? Use of SSO?

Yasuhisa Ishikawa's picture

Have you already configured your hardware? Can you see sreives in scan command on new servers?

Do you have SSO license key?
To share drives between multiple media servers, you need to purchase Shared Storage Option(SSO) license for each drive. Add SSO license on each media server.

Robot must be registered with  "Robot control is handled by a remote host" option, but this can be done by Device Configuration Wizard. You don't have to do it manually.
For drives, you need to register paths for new servers, but this also be done by wizard.

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Yes, i have Shared Storage Option license for each drive in library.

Commissioning actions to the media servers must be performed directly on each media server or the master server?

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All configuring device tasks should be done through Administration Console on master server.

I recommend you to use Device Configuration Wizard to reduce risk of misconfiguration, but If you want, you can do it manually in [Media and Device Management]-[Devices]. Add robot on each media server and select "Robot is handled by a remote host". Set robot control host to the host handling robot now. For each drive, right click -> change, and in the window opened, add path for new server.


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