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Connect on iPad

Created: 15 Nov 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 9 comments
Hywel Mallett's picture

I've just logged in to connect with an iPad and my first reaction is... This is better than using a web browser! Less clutter - just content. Think I might have to stick to the iPad now!

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Kevin's picture

Thanks Hywel;

You just made our mobile development team very happy!


CraigV's picture

Must say that Connect on my Galaxy Tab 2 is also pretty good...but there is a slow-down in the interface and even when typing...unless I type way to fast for the tab to keep up!

But it is really great...commented a couple of months ago about Connect bot really working (at all!) on my Blackberry, but it works a treat on a tablet! So officially...great job Kevin & team!


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Rob.Wilcox's picture

Good experience here too, on a ASUS Transformer TF201.

Wayne Humphrey's picture

Try android and the free application i did ;)

This is a must for anyone using droid..

CraigV's picture

...just 1 thing which really annoys me, but using the app downloaded from the Play Store I find that it is slow on a number of occassions. And some of the buttons don't work...exit the application and go back in later and it works well again.

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Wayne Humphrey's picture
Thanks for the feedback. 
Speed has nothing to do with the app, its purely a wrapper so nothing I can do about that. As for buttons please could you elaborate a little more?
CraigV's picture

Cool Wayne, no worries.

This morning for instance I tried to log on from home as I had a couple of minutes to kill (sleeping pregnant wife & toddler gave me the chance wink). Couldn't check my profile as those buttons seem to have disappeared. I closed the app and tried again and still nothing.

I also find that sometimes the buttons that I click to navigate (like into a forum, or a forum topic) don't take me anywhere. Nothing happens. Multiple clicks later & I am able to get in and then don't have that issue again.

Nothing major...

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patriot3w's picture

I tried the andriod, it crashed on my phone ,lol ,when ipad/iphone version coming?

CraigV's picture

...I suspect it is already available judging from the first 2 comments on this forum wink

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