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Connecting to network folders takes a really long time - using BackExec 2010

Created: 06 Aug 2010 | 4 comments

Hi All

I downloaded a trail copy of BackExec 2010 and am trying to set it up to back up about 8 desktop machines running either Windows XP/Windows 7. Each of these machines has a folder called BackedUpData and everything in that needs to be backed up. All these machines are part of a domain.

I have installed Backup Exec on a machine running Win Server 2003, which is also part of the domain.

I'm trying to setup a back up job that picks up data from each of the 8 desktops using the Custom Selections option. The problem I'm having is it takes a really long time for me to be able to connect to a desktop machine and browse content that I want to be backed up. I have a common domain backup account that I want to use and this account has been given access on each of the desktops.

Also I have not installed Agents on any of the desktop machines.

I suspect I'm doing something wrong, any help/pointers that will help me with this is much appreciated!


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YOu might want to look at (read: buy) the Backup Exec Desktop and Laptop Option

Edit: this however will not solve your performance issue. It's only to be license compliant.

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You will need the RAWS on those workstations (but do not need to purchase a copy, just do a local install of the code)

No need to browse to each computer to create the selection list.  Go into Advanced Selections and set up

path \\*\*\BackedUpData   Any server  \ Any share  \ Your desired folder or you can specify the share if they are all on the same drive

file    *.*

and select subdirectories

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hansdeleenheer/Ken: Thank you.

Ken: When you mention that I need RAWS on the workstations but I do not need to buy a copy, and I could do a local install of the code. Which code do you mean?


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Unlike database "agents' which are only a serial that is installed on the Media Server, the RAWS also includes code that is installed on remote machines.  For serverOS machines you need purchase one license each

for DesktopOS machines you still need the code installed and the Service running, but do not have to purchase them

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