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Connecting to older OS

Created: 05 Jun 2014 | 4 comments

I am now using Win7 as my OS and I have loaded PCAnywhere 11. However, I am able to connect to all the remotes that I need to EXCEPT those that are  still using Win98 (yes they are) with PCANYwhere 9 or 10.
I had no trouble connecting with XP using 10.5

Help... I still need to support those workstations until the end of the year. Any suggestions.


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You may have to look for a different remote control tool in order to accomplish this task, due to legacy OS's no longer being supported, etc.  Best bet is probably going to be a web tool.

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This version is no more supported. You can either upgrade or use the different software for remote connection.



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See the following compatibility chart for information on which versions of pcAnywhere can connect.

Compatibility between current and previous versions of pcAnywhere
Article:TECH108575  | Created: 2003-01-10  | Updated: 2013-11-18  | Article URL
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Thank you all... I was able to connect after re-creating the remote accounts.