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Connectivity limits

Created: 27 Sep 2012 • Updated: 03 Oct 2012 | 2 comments
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I had a recent conversation with an IT manager at another company about the pcAnywhere.  He claims thast pcAnywhere can work only within a single network, and it can't reach any computer outside of such network.   For example, I won't be able to reach any of his computers and he has no idea if there are any firewall settings that could help to let the pcAnywhere through.  According to him only the TeamViewer or Webex will be able to connect.  Is he right?

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Connections over the internet...

Your colleague is sort of missing the mark.  Services like Webex and Teamviewer install a client at the remote computer and can therefore keep a connection available to that computer that is behind a router or firewall.  pcAnywhere does not work this way.  

In order to connect to pcAnywhere hosts over the internet when the host is behind a router or firewall, configuration must be done to allow the inbound pcAnywhere connection to go through.  Firewalls block and can do NAT and routers use NAT(Network Address Translation).  These obstacles would have to be overcome (interpreted as configured) to allow inbound pcAnywhere connections to computers behind these.

A fairly good article that describes these obstacles and what is necessary to accomplish remote connections through them is Cannot Connect to pcAnywhere host behind a router.

I hope this information is helpful.


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pcAnywhere used to have gateway and access server.    Team viewer and webex have a server that is out on the network that the clients call out to and then every one makes an outbound connection.   The remote calls out to the webex and or team viewer server to get a list of hosts that have also called out to and parked on the public server.  

pcanywhere gateway was a way to park one system on the private network and allow with the use of NAT or portforwarding the incoming connections to see all hosts on that private network.   

pcAnywhere Access server was desighend to be simular to webex or team viewer in that you could set it up in a publicly facing situation or portforward/NAT to it and park all of you hosts in one location regardless of their location.    

Check out if you need to know how to set up portforwarding on most of the small offfice home office routers that are available. 


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