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Consolidating many almost empty vault stores

Created: 18 Jul 2012 • Updated: 07 Aug 2012 | 8 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


we have had EV ofr about 4 years, we are on Version 9, and I now have seven closed vault stores and the current open one.

Within the closed vault stores I am wasting over two Tera-Bytes of disk space because expiriy has taken out just about everything but due to Legal Holds the remaining data will be needed for a long time. We are running DA as well.

Is there a way to take the data from lets just say 4 of the vaults and migrate it to the 5th vault and free up the others to be reused or deleted?

The currecnt version is

The currecnt verssion was a fresh install on server 2008R2 with version 9.01

We started using EV with version 7.5 or maybe 8 I'd have to do some digging if that makes a difference. 

THank you 

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You can move those closed partitions to one volume.  Follow the steps here:

How to move a Vault Store partition or Vault Store on the same Enterprise Vault server from one location to another.
Article: TECH35742  |  Created: 2004-01-25  |  Updated: 2012-06-12  |  Article URL
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One quick question... If expiry has taken out 'lots' of the data... what is it exactly that is taking up the 'few terabytes' ?

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He said that Legal Holds are in place, so I would assume that is part of it.

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hmm yeah.. but ..  if there is 2-3 Tb of data (in legal hold) across half a dozen vault stores, after consolidation there will still be 2-3 Tb of data...  what is it saving by performing the consolidation?  (or maybe it's consultants hourly rates, eh???? hehe)

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Sorry I was not 100% clear.

I have a few TB of wasted FREE space :-)  my Vaults Stores are 400GB each x6 and 5 of them have 70GB used because expiriy has purged the rest.

I will try Mr Sterlings soultion aboe and see how it goes! I appreciate the help I have pokes and googled and did not find that.

I'll report back and mark it as the answer if it goes well and ask another question if I need to.

- S

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Rather than consolidating them, you could simply open them again when your latest partition is full (you mentioned in your question that you possibly wanted to re-use them - I am assuming you mean for EV)

There are arguments for and against doing this though, and personally I would be consolidating the old ones on to one disk as Tony suggested.



Jeff Shotton

Principal Consultant

Adept-tec Ltd

Website: here

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that is an interisting idea, but this thing is like a china doll, fragile, but yet grumpy :-)

I agree I'll do the consolidation. It will have to wait for our next maintenca window so it will be about 3-4 weeks but I'll report back on oncce done!

Thank you, - S