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Consultation about deduplication: Deduplication between two sites.

Created: 03 Jan 2013 • Updated: 04 Jan 2013 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.
Hi all.
I have a question about how to implement deduplication option of BE between two sites.
I attached a diagram of how serious the implementation.
The  headquartered site is  Belgrano. The site called Pilar is a factory, which has a file server with 100GB of data to back up. WAN connectivity is via a VPN with a bandwidth of approximately 2MB.
The aim is that the data supported the Factory on Pilar site, can be sent to the folder in the parent deduple, implementing CASO option.
The problem is the first task of deduplication, which will cause connection problems sends 100GB for the WAN connection.
Question: Is it possible, using a portable NAS (eg Iomega), local deduplication make the site Pilar and then move the NAS to "copy" the deduplication folder Media Server of the parent? Thus, the NAS would return to the factory and would continue with the tasks of dedupe, and all changes are sent via WAN, which would not impact to be less than 100 MB. Is this possible? or am I crazy? indecision
From already thank you and listen to all suggestions.

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You cannot have more than 1 dedup folder per media server, so you cannot define a dedup folder on your NAS.  However, you can backup to a storage on the NAS.  You then bring the NAS back to the main site and duplicate the backup set on the NAS to the dedup folder.

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Very good document!
Thank you very much to both for all this info.