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Content Filtering vs File Filtering rules question

Created: 10 Jun 2013 • Updated: 13 Jun 2013 | 3 comments

The Content Filtering rules do not scan inside container files, i.e.: zip files, so a user can circumvent security by simply zipping a file.

The File Filtering rules do scan inside container files but:

1. They do not have an option to create an exclusion list, so it will apply to everyone.

2. They treat PowerPoint files as container files. If a PP presentation contains mp3 audio or wmv video, it will be quarantined.

I'm not so concerned about the prowerpoint problem, but I would like to use the File Filtering multimedia and executable rules. I can't because apparently they cannot be configured with exclusions. I have certina people that have to be able to send certain multimedia files and everyone has to be able to receive WAV files.

Does anyone know how I can get around this?

Using Mail Security 7 for Exchange.

Thank you.

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In SMSMSE 7.0, you can use the "File Name Rule" and configure a specific Match List to determine what files to block and what files to allow. The File Name Rule does scan inside zip containers so it should work for you.

My recommendation is to set the rule to log only until you test it so there is not a problem with legitimate files being blocked while you are testing.


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It doesn't solve my problem because the File Name Rule does not allow the use of an exclusion list. Content Filtering rules do not scan inside zips and the File Name Rule, along with the Multimedia File and Executable File rules do not allow exlusions lists. So its a matter of pick your poison.

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One other problem, I created a Prohibit Multimedia File rule so I could allow some users to send video files, but if a user not in the exclusion list needs a file released from quarantine it gets re-quarantined by the File Filtering rule and has to be re-released. Its so stupid I have to laugh.