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Content management API - MAPI_E_DECLINE_COPY-error

Created: 10 Oct 2006 • Updated: 21 Sep 2015 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


I am using the Enterprise Content Management API (EV 6.0 SP3) in my test application (c#) to connect to the EV-server and get an archive from my EV server. I follow the example in the API reference, but when i call the KVS.EnterpriseVault.Interop.IArchive.Get() method, it results in:

error code: -2147220730 (MAPI_E_DECLINE_COPY)

error message "An internal failure occurred"

stacktrace: Internal Error: '<0x18d4>'.
at KVS.EnterpriseVault.Interop.IArchive.Get()

I also did a DTrace on my test application. It resulted in the following transcript (omitted some columns for readability):

4 CContentManagementAPI::get_Archive
5 CEVArchive::FinalConstruct()
6 CEVArchive::Initialise()
7 CStorageProxyBase::FindStorageComputer performing directory lookup on
15 CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::IsLocalMachine: ENTERPRISEVAULT.HQ.MYCOMPANY.NO
16 CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() IsLocalMachine failed.
Sts: 0x002afc
17 CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() failed.
Hr: 0x80040154
Retries: 40
TryLocal: false
IP Addr: (null)
Is Local: false
18 HRXEX fn trace : Source : .\DirectoryServiceWrapper.cpp (CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::GetInterface) built Jul 4 00:01:33 2005
Description: Call error 0x80040154
19 HRXEX fn trace :
Source : .\DirectoryServiceWrapper.cpp (CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::Invoke)
built Jul 4 00:01:33 2005
Description: Call error 0x80040154
20 HRXEX fn trace :
Source : .\DirectoryServiceWrapper.cpp (CReadDirectoryServiceWrapper::Invoke) built Jul 4 00:01:33 2005
Description: Call error 0x80040154
22 CStorageProxyBase::FindStorageComputer Failed on Entry (hr=Class not registered
23 HRXEX fn trace :
Source : .\StorageAPI.cpp (CContentManagementAPI::GetComputerNameFromEntryId)
built Jul 25 17:27:05 2006
Description: Call error 0xc00418d4
24 CContentManagementAPI::GetComputerNameFromEntryId com_
error raised Call error 0xc00418d4 (err=c00418d4)
25 HRXEX fn trace :
Source : .\StorageAPI.cpp (CContentManagementAPI::AccessSimpleStore) built Jul 25
Description: Call error 0xc00418d4
26 CContentManagementAPI::AccessSimpleStore com_error raised Call error 0xc00418d4 (err=c00418d4)
27 Error accessing SimpleStore. Attempt:1
hr=There was no such Storage Service Entry %1 in the Vault Directory
28 HRXEX fn trace :
Source : .\Archive.cpp (CEVArchive::Create) built Jul 25 17:27:04 2006
Description: Call error 0xc00418d4
29 CEVArchive::Create com_error raised Call error 0xc00418d4 (err=c00418d4)

Any suggestions?

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Joe Devola's picture


I tried running the same code locally on the EV-server, and then it worked fine. I now think that the problem is that I am not communicating correctly with the Directory Service on the EV-server. Anyone ever tried using the Content management API?

TonySterling's picture

Where did you get this from?

It seems that it thinks this should be the storage service from the error.

Joe Devola's picture

Thanks for your answer, Tony!

"" is the ID of the archive I am trying to retrieve from the EV-server. What my little test application does is exactly the same as the example in the API:

oArchive = ContentManagementAPI.Archive
oArchive.Id = archiveId
strName = oArchive.Name

When I run my application from a remote server, it crashes when the Get()-method is called, and I get the dtrace above. When I run the exact same code locally on the EV server i get the following Dtrace, and I am able to print out the name of the archive:

Running locally on the EV server:

1 CContentManagementAPI::get_Archive
2 CEVArchive::FinalConstruct()
3 CEVArchive::Initialise()
4 CStorageProxyBase::FindStorageComputer performing direc
tory lookup on
12 CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService():
Using local directory connection
29 CStorageProxyBase::FindStorageComputer caching entryid
30 CStorageProxyBase::FindStorageComputer reading computer
name from cache for
31 CContentManagementAPI::SetSecurity Using AuthServer sec
urity? Yes (hr=0)
32 CContentManagementAPI::AccessSimpleStore caching Simple
Store object from computer:

I am pretty sure that the reason I cannot get the application to work from a remote location is that I am unable to communicate with the Directory Service on the EV server. This suspicion is also confirmed by the fact that when running Dtrace on the Directory service, it prints out a whole lot when running my test application locally on the EV server. When I run my test application from a remote location nothing is logged from the Directory Service to the Dtrace.

Any suggestions on how I can make my application communicate correctly with the Directory Service from a remote location? Or am I making any obvious mistakes?

Joe Devola's picture

Problem solved. There was some DNS-problems in my domain, so the EV-server could not be resolved correctly from the remote computer. Running code from the remote computer towards the EV-server now works fine.

s_ravi_kumar's picture

Hi Tony,

Looking at your replies on the similar problem I am running into, I thought of asking you help.


I need help in accessing EV from java / C#. I am looking for an SDK which will enable me to communicate with

the EV. Can you guide me please ?



Ravi Kumar