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continue task if the command fails to execute

Created: 22 Apr 2011 | 1 comment


When i launch a task if one of the command fails ( ex : msiexec /x, return error because the product has already been removed ) the task stops immediatly.

I would like the task to continue even if one of the commands fails.

I think "continue task if the command fails to execute" doesn't concern the result of of command but just whereas the command could be launched, because enabling this option doesn't help.

Is there a workaround for this ? Could an option be added to next releases ?



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One possible workaround would be to use a vbscript to call the msiexec /x process, and have the statement

"On error Resume next" in there before calling msiexec. This will then ignore the error code and carry on to the next operation you have coded.

By all means use the Ideas page in this community to suggest the addition of "continue on error" into the task handling. However, it is no secret that the work on Ghost 3 stopped when the developer(s) were laid off.

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