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Control Compliance Suite 11.0 asset list

Created: 23 Sep 2013 • Updated: 14 Nov 2013 | 7 comments
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I am wondering if exists a sample template of asset import list per type. 

To be more specific. I want to sent to a customer a template in order to complete all the necessary information that a consultant need in order to implement the import of assets to CCS Console. I found a sample template of asset classification but i want a sample template of assets to be imported. for example: --windows assets: an excel with fields to complete (E.G. asset name, asset type, OS version, e.t.c). For unix assets the same, for oracle servers, for sql servers, for databases?

Can anyone Help me Please?

Operating Systems:

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In CCS v11, you can get your template by going to Manage - Assets then export your Windows Machine asset type to a CSV file. Open this in Excel and you will find all the information you need to include for an asset import.

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Thank you Ahumphries for your respond, but actually i didnt mean that. When a customer ask you "what do you want from me to provide you in order to import the assets? (Windows, Unix, SQL, Oracle, Sybase)", what can i give it to him? That's why i am asking if exists a sample table of all the types that CCS can import? Can anyone help me? It seems a dumb questions but its not!

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For Windows:

- Machine Name

- Domain Name

* This will get the assets in. After this, you may need more fields depending on what you're using CCS for and how your SM checks are targetted.


- Machine Name

- IP Address

* This will get the assets in. After this, you may need more fields depending on what you're using CCS for and how your SM checks are targetted.

For database:

Nothing... just scope a SQL/ORA/whatever -DB server- asset import job to already imported Win/UNIX machines... blamo, you get database servers. (then, if you want the DB's, scope another asset import job -importing DB's- to those newly imported DB servers)

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In case i want to import targeted assets by .csv file. I created a csv file but always fails. Can anyone help me by a simple example of the structure of .csv file for each OS Type (Windows, Unix, SQL, Oracle). 

Best Regards


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Did you configure your Platforms on the CSV Data Collector on your CCS Manager?   Go to Settings>System Topology>Map View  then right click on your CCS Manager and choose Edit Settings.  Click on the CSV Setting in the "Data Collector Sites" and make sure you have entries for the Common platform and for Windows, Unix, etc.  After this is done, then do a configuration sync and then try your import again. 

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Thank you very much!!! Finally, my configuration in .csv file was wrong. When i changed the syntax on .csv the problem was solved!!!