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convert EXE to MSI

Created: 31 Oct 2012 | 4 comments

My company has some installation file(.wse) writen by Wise InstallMaster 8, and it can only generate EXE file.

Now we like to convert the EXE to MSI.

What is the best option for us? 

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You have two options:

1. Capture the EXE installation with your current MSI packaging toolset

2. Build an MSI using an MSI editor from your current packaging toolset, using the file and registry information contained in your WSE files.

You give no indication of what (if any) MSI packaging toolset you have, nor your MSI experience level, so if you wish to provide more detail about these items then we can advise you further.

There is no simple "EXE to MSI" conversion tool. However you do it, the two installation technologies are very different and require different skillsets to use.

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As mentioned by EdT, these are the two options for you. If you can read and understand what .wse installs, you can add those things step by step in your wsi which can then be converted to msi.

Else take a capture. Just take care that there are no conditions for installation and if there are evaluate them, and your capture build is same as your production build.

Piyush Nasa Altiris Certified Professional (ACP)

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Rightly said by EDT, just follow the same.

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An application comprises a bunch of files and registry data. It should be a snap to "convert" an EXE to an MSI, especially if you have the original project data.

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