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Convert to Hyper-V on 2012 R2 Fails

Created: 14 Oct 2013 • Updated: 28 Oct 2013 | 8 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I am trying to test recovery scenarios.

I finished a physical SDR recovery to dissimilar hardware, the results were mixed.  Though it is "simplified" in that you don't need to load an OS and BEWS in order to run the first restores, you still need to restore your Exchange, SharePoint, and/or SQL databases separately.. which makes it "not-so-simplified" by many means.

So.. I decided to try my hand at converting an SDR backup to a VM.

Installed Server 2012 R2 (MSDN..).
Not joined to a domain.. stand-alone.
Took the same B2D disk and older server hardware I just finished testing the dissimilar hardware recovery with, built the OS, added the Hyper-V Role, installed BEWS 2012 in trial mode, even installed the agents to it (shouldn't be necessary..), ran LiveUpdate to get SP2 and some hotfix.

The backup was from SBS 2011 Standard.. a small box consisting of 2008R2/Exchange 2010/SharePoint Foundation 2010/A few instances of SQL Express..

It references KB V-79-57344-41984.

I have inventoried/cataloged (catalogued?..) the drive to fetch the backup sets for my SBS.. created a restricted logon account to test against it.. fine.

The Duplicate exception says "Failed to create the standby virtual machine required for warm conversion."

I look at Hyper-V, created a dumb VM.. seems fine there.
It can't be logon creds to Hyper-V.. the same System Logon Account is the local admin account.. this 2012 R2 box is the VM Host.. there is no domain involved here.

I did verify the Destionation Virtual Machine RAM and CPU count were fine for the host.. as are the two Dynamically Expanding vdisks.. so my first thought of insufficient resources may not be the case on this VM host config.

Where should I start with some debugging to see what the break down is?

Again, this is a test recovery scenario.. would be nice to validate it for when a "real" server catches fire..

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Server 2012 R2 is not supported even with BE 2012 SP2.  See the SCL below

BE 2012 SCL

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While I understand that it is not yet on the SCL.. understand that 2012 R2 releases Friday.. it had BETTER be supported then.. just sayin'.

That being said, I will retool with 2008 R2 Std. and try again.

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understand that 2012 R2 releases Friday.. it had BETTER be supported then.. just sayin'.

says who??? you???

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I am referring to this

it had BETTER be supported then.. just sayin'.

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The Preview came out in June.

I am hopeful their development cycle on this platform will bring the product up to date with the upcoming platform version.  Two other backup systems I checked on report compatibility now.

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Update:  It went into General Availability today.

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There is a New Blog answering questions about BE 2012 R2. It also addresses questions about Windows Server 2012 R2.

The registrations are open for Beta release.