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Convert to Virtual pre-processing for 45 minutes

Created: 17 Mar 2014 | 4 comments


I am urgently trying to restore a physical server to a Hyper-V VM.  Initially I was getting an error:

Failed to create the standby virtual machine required for warm conversion.

I then changed the System Logon Account to a domain admin account and I bypassed that.  I was able to submit the restore job, however it is still preprocessing, no byte count, and the VHDX files are at 0 bytes.

Does pre-processing normally take this long, or is there something else happening?

Additional information:

- Server to be restored is a 2008 R2 server that was backed up with SDR enabled.  Agent installed.

- Media server is 2008 R2.

- Hyper-V server is 2012 R2.  Agent is installed there as well.

Appreciate any help you can give me!



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Siddhant Saini's picture

Hello Oscar,

Hyper-V on a Windows Server 2012 R2 is not supported with Backup Exec 2012. Backup Exec 2014 (which is in second stage of beta testing) would support it. 

Please refer to the Software Compatibility List for Backup Exec 2012:

Thanks and Regards,
Siddhant Saini

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Server 2012 R2 is not supported at the moment. You got to wait until BE 2014 is released in the middle of the year

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sidd3009, pkh, thanks.  I suspected that might be the case, so I installed Hyper-V on the media server (2008 R2) after I posted.  I am still having the same issue. 

I did see that a similar issue with preprocessing for physical to virtual conversions was happening prior to Backup Exec 2012 Service Pack 2, but I am running Service Pack 3.  Any more insights?



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Update.  I managed to resolve the issue by using the Symantec Backup Exec Recovery Disk to completely restore the server physically.  I do want to explore how to do physical to virtual conversions in case something like this happens again.