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Converter Sandbox is eating all available memory

Created: 18 Apr 2006 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 6 comments

Hi All,

Lately our Enterprise Vault server seems unstable.
Research shows that the Converter Sandbox process is eating memory until there is no more left, but there is no clear reason why it does this.
Somebody any idea why it's doing this?


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Check if you have the /3GB switch set on your EV server and remove it if you do.

Kees Sprangers's picture

Thanx for the answer, this setting is indeed set. We ar now rebooting the machine without the switch. I 'll let you know!
Can you tell why I should unset it?

Jason Szeto's picture

I believe with the /3GB switch set, you limit EV to only 1 GIG of ram.

Michael Bilsborough's picture


Are you running V6 sp1 or v6 sp2?
I've seen an issue where some .PDF documents cause the converters to use a high amount of CPU.
A quick test (if it's acceptable) is to via the registry turn off conversion of PDF files just to see if EV then gets past the conversion of that particular document.

David Messenger 2's picture

/3Gb theoretically forces the o/s into 1Gb leaving /3Gb for EV. Works *ok* on Exch servers (remember the /userva=3030 and suggest /nopae) but I don't use it on EV servers as it seems to cause leaks. I turned it off on the SQL box as well. If you have SQL 2005 on a dedicated box then probably worth using it.

Best option of all is 64bit W2k3.

Kees Sprangers's picture

@ The Dodo:

We run version 5 SP4 at the moment, but are planning to upgrade to V6 SP2 whitin a few weeks. We use full text indexing, so processor utilisation is always high; that's not really a problem, we are used to that. The application crashing because it run's out of memory was a problem though.
Unsetting the 4GB switch seems to do the trick.
Thanks all for the responses!