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Converting the content server max db backup to netbackup client

Created: 14 Aug 2014 • Updated: 17 Aug 2014 | 9 comments
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hi Experts,

We want to convert our sap max db content server backups to use netbackup client instead of manual scripts backups ie first backing it to disk, from there to tape as a file system backup .

Can someone help us how can we do it.

Ours is max db & NetBackup 7.5.

Also we want to use the different policies for different retentions, so can someone also comment if it is possible.


Ajay Sehgal

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RamNagalla's picture

what it the OS type that hosts the MAX DB?

you need to see if that OS type is listed under compatablity list for this Veriosn with netbackup

see page number 38 in below list

once you find its supported..

start with SAP admin guide for netbackup

have a look at the chapter 6, page number 133 in admin guide

Sehgal Ajay's picture

Hi Nagalla,

Our is aix 6.1 which is hosting the database.

I had a look at Symantec NetBackup™ for SAP Administrator's Guide for netbackup but it is too confusing as it is for oracle & max db both. There are sections which makes it hard to understand what we gona do for max db only.

I am not sure if there is some specific guide for max db only. If there is can you please point me to that document.

Thanks in advance,

Warm Regards,

Ajay Sehgal

RamNagalla's picture

NetBackup for SAP requires different configuration for a MaxDB database than for an Oracle database.

chapter 6 , page number 133 is only for MAX DB , 

did you have a  look there too?

Sehgal Ajay's picture

Hi Nagalla,

yeah i had a look at chapter 6 & it doest explain how we gona create bsi.env & what will be contents of initSAP.utl for max db. How will we call backup as a scheduled tasks & all.

It further says the NetBackup for SAP on a MaxDB database does not include the SAP backup
and restore tools. What does this mean?

how can we scheduled regular backups.

The documentation isnt very clear & doesnt state clear steps.

Warm Regards

Ajay Sehgal

Michael G Andersen's picture describes modifying the bsi.env file initSID.utl parameter summary

Normally for database backups the steps are:

1. Configure environment

2. Create script

3. Create log directories bphdb, backint, dbclient be aware some need 777 permissions

4. Create database policy that calls script

5. Test backup, I always run the script manually the first

6. Troubleshoot issues, the  bphdb, backint, dbclient log are you friends here

Hopes this helps you

Sehgal Ajay's picture

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your response. The links you have provided explains how to create the files. But i have more questions:

1) the documenantion state to create the named pipe which is a location to any folder which we decide to use. like /export/home/medium1. But where is this variable define in bsi.env or initSID.utl.

2) There are two backints in system. One is under maxdb only & one is under netbackup. which one are we using. Also do we need to edit backint & provide some parameters.

3) I have checked my system & i cant see BSI_ENV parameter defined in env of sdb user. Our is AIX 6.1. So do i need to define it.

4) When you say create script , is there any sample script which we can refer ?


Ajay Sehgal

Michael G Andersen's picture

I am sorry Sehgai, but my experience is mostly with Oracle and a little with SAP with Oracle database. Can guess at

2) The one under Netbackup, maybe by symbolic link like the libobk when doing Oracle backups

3) Only think that is needed if the bsi.env is not of standard name or in the standard location

4) There usually is sample scripts included in the Netbackup installation

Sehgal Ajay's picture

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your response. But i was able to do a backup after the links you have pointed.

So i did the below:

I created medium pipe using dbm gui tool

Then i created a bsi.env which had backint path, path to initSID.utl which had backup client & master server & policy name

Then i ran my backup using dbm gui & we were able to back it up.

There is a script also which is avialble under netbackup as a sample script.

But yeah i was able to run the backup to tapes directly which is first & major step.

But your response helped me a lot.


Ajay Sehgal