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Converting Helpdesk6 History to Access or other Archive

Created: 09 May 2012 • Updated: 09 May 2012 | 4 comments

First of all I think the fact that you can no longer access the History of your Helpdesk6 Incidents via Servicedesk7 is ludicrous.  Is Symantec trying to lose its customers all together?  Over the years we have saved a tremendous amount of knowledge/History in Helpdesk6 and now that we migrated to Servicedesk7, we have to either lose all that History or keep a legacy Helpdesk 6 server up and running for the unforseeable future.  I would like to be able to access our History but must decommission the server it is on.  Has anyone successfully converted their Helpdesk6 database to another form like Access so that you can at least search for History?

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it shouldn't be that hard to do. 

It's all in a SQL database now.  Altiris_incidents.  There are even some views that might be most of what you would need for ticket history.

I'm going to have to do something for this also.  You could conceivably just copy the SQL database for Altiris_Incidnets over to your new servicedesk server and then maybe build a little web query for it.

Of course you would want to make it read only somehow so users don't muck it up..

I'll have to play around and see what can be done.  maybe you could create a role in the old helpdesk with only minimal rights. 

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Knowledgebase information can also be found here:

InstallationDrive:\Program Files\Altiris\Knowledge Base\Libraries

The files are standard HTML and could be easily setup on a web server. Unfortunately they are only saved with the kb number, so they may be useless, unless someone wanted to transfer them to the new Service Manager kb.

Because both run off SQL, there should be a way to import older v6 Incidents into v7.

We're not doing the Service Desk upgrade, so it hasn't been a problem for us. Service Desk is way to complicated for what we need to do. The workflow behind the application requires a workflow programmer, and we're not hiring one of those, so no upgrade for us.

We'll stick with v6 for eternity, unless something better than ServiceDesk v7 comes out.

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1st copy the old helpdesk database to the same SQL server as where your Service Desk database will be or allready is.

Then you have 2 options:

Using the service desk report engine and creating a connection context connecting to the help desk database. Then create a report displying the history of the old incidents by incident number.

Another option is what I have done is create a seperate workflow, which allows the search on contact or ticket number and displays the comment history.

The work flow option I would recommend, since it is faster then running a report.

Rob Hilberding Sr. Consultant ExpressAbility