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Converting an .ISO/.IMG/ or .TIB to .GHO image HELP

Created: 23 Apr 2010 • Updated: 31 Oct 2010 | 6 comments

I have a machine that runs on a production floor that bends steel tubing to specs. I am doing 5 images as backups on separate HDD's in case anything happens, so production will still continue after I pop in the backup HDD. The problem is that 2 of the 5 image files are not .GHO files which we use Ghost to image all our machines. I have the images in .ISO, .IMG, and .TIB formats. I need to be able to Ghost these images to hard drives via TCP/IP/Ghost.

I have not been able to image the HDD's without the native .GHO extension, the .iso, .img, and .tib images will NOT work with ghost. IS there any way to convert?

I cannot burn the images to a CD-r because the image files are around 4 gb each. The machine has a special made drive, so I cannot just throw a DVD drive in it. No USB either. just a hard drive, cd rom and network connection. I use a GHOST network boot disc that copies the images from our company Image Server to the machine's HDD via tcp/ip.


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I dont know any way to convert those image formats to ghost file format.
I think you just need to make new images from those 3 to gho format to make sure all works when restoring backup is needed.
You never cannot be 100% sure if converted image will work. (if you find some way to convert)

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Thats what I was afraid of... Well I guess Im stuck with 3 backups instead of 5.

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.iso and .img files are usually generated by CD/DVD writer software, as they are representation of optical media formats and not hard disk formats. This makes me curious as to how these images were created. What is the native operating system on your machine tool?
Also, is your Ghost boot disk booting DOS or WinPE?  If you are still booting DOS, then you need to be careful about choosing image size, as DOS will not handle files > 4Gb .

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Ghost should be able to read img files - at least it used to have support for those long time ago. Not many customers were using them. Simplest would indeed be imaging those files to HDD and then letting ghost to capture GHO.

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I tried booting on a test machine to load the images to the HDD and then pull them from Ghost. BUT I cannot get the .ISO's to boot. I have to burn them to DVD bc of the filesize. Any possible options of pushing it across the network? Im stumped and bout ready to give up.

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The .ISO files once burnt to a DVD-R+ show that it is still in fact an Acronis backup file (.TIB) so I tried backing up a blank HDD with the image file, everything goes fine, I put the newly imaged HDD back into the bender machine, fire it up and I get the Windows NT blue screen (locating drivers, etc) and it just hangs. Any suggestions? Its friday, so I will probably finish this project today and be done with it. THANK YOU FOR HELPING!