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copied SEP clients are shown offline in some Groups

Created: 06 Feb 2012 | 7 comments

Hello guys!  Could you please advise a solution\workaround of the following issue:

I've created a Group and assigned some policies to it. Inside the Group i've imported OU from Active Directory and copied a few clients to the Group. When i'd copied the clients they were shown online in the Group and offline in the imported OU. But after some time (about a day) some of the clients became offline in the Group and online in OU. If i delete them from the group and copy from the OU again - they are online in the Group but afted a few hour they fall back again into the imported OU. How could i solve this strange issue because it's not good to check 2 places to be sure that all of the clients are ok?

Thank you in advance!

PS i've already tried to replace sylink file with SylinkDrop utility - nothing changed((

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delete the clients that are part of OU from the SEPM group ( not AD group). Since the clients are imported from AD OU, they will show the correct status until it is in sync.

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Thank you, but my purpose is to have a clients which have SEP clients installed in the group and all of the computers in the OU (this request came from management). So i'd prefer to keep the clients in both places, but to have all of them online in the Group, Actually i suppose it should be so because when i copy a client from the imported OU to a Group it's online in the group and offline in the OU (at least for some time)))

I'm confused that only a few clients fall back into the online state in OU. Suppose it's not a correct behaviour..

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Thank  you! But..

 After this, the same clients in the AD import (folders with orange mark) will show up as offline, and in the SEPM groups (folders with a blue mark) it will show online.

It is.. but only for some time. After a few hours\days a few clients are online in AD import and offline in SEPM groups..

Or do you suppose that it is because of some licenses issue?

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...this is buggy behaviour.  As per your article, one copied, the client should continue to use the copied version within the SEPM.  The only reason I can think of for it to revert back to the AD Imported client record is if the SEP Client's HWID changes.  Are you able to check if this is the case?  The HWID can be found by double-clicking a SEP Client from wtihin the SEPM console, it's about halfway down.

What are your reasons for the AD Import by the way?  Someone was doing something similar of the forums last week and asked a few questions about it here:

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My reason for AD import is quite simple - my manager wants it)
Thank you very much for the link: i've not tried the steps from  yet.

Will check))

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no, it might lead to license issue.

Whenever the SEPM syncs with AD the client within OU will show online. It will keep on to show online till it establishes connection with the SEPM.