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Copy backup images on disk to tape

Created: 08 Feb 2013 • Updated: 08 Apr 2013 | 4 comments
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Netbackup I have my policies setup as retention infinity. I use vault to manage my retention on tape and disk. I have different dates for my profiles to expire the images on disk. I ran a full backup but my vault profile got screwed up. Now I have images saved on disk which are set to expire in 2038 (since my vault did not run correctly and the images saved to disk with an expiry date of infinity (which translates to 2038). I want to expire these images from disk to free up space but before I do that is there any way I can save them to tape? Also if I can save them to tape is there a way I can change the expiry date from 2038 to 3 years?

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you can always save them to Tape,  the prefer method is fix your vault issue, and get it done.

if not you can do that from manually or script.

go to catalog---> set Duplicate -

then search for Copy 1 images located in basic disk that you want to duplicate.

then  select the images, right click in the Image-->select duplicate 

one popup will open up and ask you to select the STU for duplication, there you can select Volume pool and retenction period for duplicate copy also.

you can do the same with the command bpduplicate, 

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I have been working on my vault issue and that is now fixed. I am going to run a full monthly backup tonite.

Thanks for the info. You have always been a great help.  If I select all the images and I am assuming this will run just like my regular monthly vault. That will take up all my resources. If I selectively run this a couple of images at a time per day and select the same volume pool for all the images will this result in a consolidated full backup on mutiple tapes similar to my regular full backup with the same retention period I select? Also will the duplicates that run on different days have different retention levels starting from the date they were backed up?

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Retenction period sets based on the backup date not based on the Duplication date. 

so its like , if you set the retenction period of  duplication image as 7 days and your running the duplication job on 6th day of backup, your duplication image will expire in one day, as it compleates 7 days from backup date.

as you fixed your vault issue, i would recommend you to run the duplication through vault.

just adjust the  time period in Choose backups tab in vault Profile to make sure your Old images also covering in vault Duplications.

hope this helps.

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If you unsure on which backups have been duplicated and which have not then you could set the maximum backup copies in the Master Servers Host properties to 2 and then run a script against all backups to duplicate them.

It will simply skip any it has already done as the third copy would not be allowed.

Something like the below which will duplicate all backups done by the schedule "schedulename" in the last 144 hours to a robitic STU using a certain set of tapes and set retention level 3 on that copy  - so edit to suit:

bpduplicate -dp tapepoolname -dstunit mediaserver-hcart-robot-tld-0 -rl 3 -mpx -fail_on_error 0 -sl schedulename -hoursago 144 -L c:\duplication.log

You could do a script for each schedule you have and let them churn through to make sure you have everything.

Similarly you could do an expiry change on all backup images to get them to the correct value - let me know if you need a batch file to help with that

Hope this helps

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