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Created: 12 Jul 2012 • Updated: 04 Sep 2012 | 8 comments
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I would like to copy the configurations (Backup Exec 2012) for other server. Is it possible?


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CraigV, thanks for answer!

But this article is about BE2010, on BE 2012 don´t have this options.

In Configuration and Settings:
 - Jobs Default;
 - Backup Exec Setting;
 - Logon Account;
 - Alerts and Notifications;
 - Backup Exec Services;
 - Create Disaster Recovery Disk;
 - Audit Log;
 - Preferred Servers;
 - Error-Handling Rule;
 - Cluster Configuration Wizard;
 - Local Server Properties;

I have a option Copy Server Configuration marked.

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For BE 2012, the option "Copy Settings to Other Servers" (previously Copy Server Configuration) is tied with Central Admin Server Option.

You will see the "Copy Settings to Other Servers" option available under Configuration and Settings once you have installed the CASO license.

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Bhavik, look this article:

But I didn't find the option Copy Media Server Configuration.

I didn't can to add the CASO, I tried to put the server name but I received a erro:

The server BR506AP16 does not appear to be a valid central administration server.



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The 'Copy Media Server Configuration' option is not available for Backup Exec 2012.

For BE 2012, it is called 'Copy Settings to Other Servers'

This options will be available under Configuration and Settings menu if CASO license is installed (i.e. for CAS-MMS environments)

Following is an excerpt from the same technote you mentioned above:

If you have the Central Admin Server Option (CASO), you can copy configuration settings and logon information from one Backup Exec server to another. This copy ability allows you to quickly set up a group of Backup Exec servers with the same configuration or logon settings.

See Copying logon account information to another Backup Exec server.


To copy configuration settings and logon information to other Backup Exec servers, you must install the Copy Server Configurations feature.

See Installing additional Backup Exec options to the local Backup Exec server.

To copy configuration settings to another Backup Exec server

  1. Click the Backup Exec button, select Configuration and Settings, and then click Copy Settings to Other Servers.

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...that's seriously short-sighted from Symantec's part and yet another good option removed! Why force someone into buying an option they might not need because something that was FREE was removed...?

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Banfi: MIght be time to go to the Ideas section and add this in as an was a useful tool that should be added back!

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support: