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Copy profile with bat file using Altiris

Created: 06 Jun 2013 | 1 comment

I created a simple profile is call profilecopy.bat

echo off


cd \


cd users

xcopy c:\users\%username%\*.* c:\users\%username.domainname\ /e /s /q /y

the I create package through altiris, but when I send the job to the windows 7 client, it just hang, it show processing.... for long long time, and I check out the local machine on c:\program files\altiris\altiris agent\agents\software management\software delivery\{528xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx}\cache\profilecopy.bat

has been downloaded.

I am use Altiris 7.1

I use system account to send the job to client, it showing processing......

I use special user account with my admin credential, it showing processing....

if I use command prompt from client local machine, double click profilecopy.bat file, it take less then 2 minutes, all the files from c:\user\%username% will be completely copy to c:\users\%username.domainname

can someone help me?



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Do you see the batch window running on the desktop ? Have you set it to show window in the script job ?