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Coresettings.config settings getting reset? EnableNSEvent param

Created: 28 Oct 2013 | 1 comment

Good morning,

I am wondering if anyone out there has observed this behavior. A couple weeks back I made a change to the EnableNSEvent param to enable client config events to be written to the CMDB. I made the changes and waited for the next Patch cycle to reboot my servers and allow the changes to take effect. After the service restarts/reboots occurred I noticed that my changes had not taken. In fact after investigating I noticed that the actually value I had changed, actually reverted back to the default 'False' as well. Now the first thing you would think was that I didn't save my changes. I made this on 5 child servers though. And after making it, closed the file, re-opened it and verified the value being changed.

Has anyone ever seen the Coresettings.config actually revert back to it's default? Is it possible that by not restarting services immediatley after making the change it somehow changed it back?

I've changed many a setting in this file when we were using 6.x and I never saw this type of behavior. Can anyone shed any light?



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Please check this KB article


Robert Steinle

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