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correct OS version or platform of NBU client

Created: 22 Jun 2013 | 1 comment

Hi All

i wanted to extract info, about a client from NBU master. i could see installation , version are correct but OS of client is incorrect.checked from GUI. host properties-- clients it showed operating system as win 2003. ????????? this problem cropped up in NBU policy OS was selected as win 2008. But is there a  command  to get correct OS platform just like it showed in GUI host properties.

 sudo ./bpgetconfig -g CLname -L -A
Client/Master = Client of master
NetBackup Client Platform = PC-x64, WindowsXP
NetBackup Client Protocol Level = 7.1.0
Product = NetBackup
Version Name = 7.1
Version Number = 710000
NetBackup Installation Path = C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin
Client OS/Release = Windows2008 6
Cipher = AES-128-CFB
Cipher = BF-CFB
Cipher = DES-EDE-CFB
Cipher = AES-256-CFB
Patch Level =
Operating Systems:

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RamNagalla's picture


you can find the script in below Discussion.., I am sure that will help you..

copied from above discussion...

Courtesy of Mark Donaldson on the Veritas-bu mailing list:

# cat cl-version



echo "      Client         \t         OS Level        \t Release">> /tmp/cl.out

echo "=====================\t ========================\t =======" >>/tmp/cl.out

for c in `bpplclients -allunique -noheader | awk '{print $3}'`


  bpgetconfig -s $c -L -A | \

    awk -F'=' '{if($1~/Client.OS/){os=$2}

                if($1~/Patch/)   {p=$2}


                END { if(p~/^ *$/){r=v}else{r=p}

                      printf("%-22s\t%-25s\t%s\n","'$c'",os,r)} ' >>/tmp/cl.out