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Could be improved: Symantec Online Virtual Assistant for Status code 96

Created: 14 Nov 2012 • Updated: 21 Nov 2012

Step 8A of Symantec Online Virtual Assistant for Status code 96 has a typo and is missing a warning.

Is there a tape whose media type is the same as the requested storage unit's density (INFO-2) and which also shows the requested storage unit's library (INFO-3) in the 'Robot Type' and the 'Robot Number' columns, and shows the media status as not 'Full', not 'Frozen', and not 'Suspended' and is either not assisgned, or assigned with the same retention period as requested by the job? For assigned tapes, does the job's retention level match the tape's retention period?

The first instance of assigned is misspelled.

A warning should be added immediately after that paragraph.

Before answering this question, go to the View menu on the
NetBackup Administration Console and select Refresh All.

I had gotten all the way to the end of the Virtual Assistant before realizing that the Volume Pool information I was seeing was out-of-date.  Instead of one empty and one partially used tape in the robot, those two tapes were actually both "Full".

Another minor error in the Online Virtual Assistant is on Step 11A.

No, the scratch volume pool doesn't has tapes.

That should be "doesn't have tapes".