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Could not completely protect remote computers because the Backup Exec Remote Agent was not installed

Created: 19 Nov 2009 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 6 comments
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Hello I have Windows 2003 Standard Edition with VERITAS Backup Exec 12.5.
I have a server BKP Exec, where I have armed job well.
A few days, I included in the Job a shared folder on desktop PC and from that change ends with exemptions and does not perform the BKP in the desktop PC. The error is:

Backup-bue012227cV-79-57344-3844 - The media server was unable to connect to the remote agent machine bue012227c.
The media server using the local agent to try to complete the operation.
Unable to initialize Remote Agent

The error is that it must be installed on the agent desktop and BKP I understand that there is a way of making a backup without having to install an agent on the desktop.
I can help with this problem?

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You can do sharelevel backups if a remote agent cannot be installed - however a warning message will always appear in the job logs indicating that the agent is not found - there is no way to disable this warning message.

However your data should backup and you should see a byte/file count for the job.

The test credentials screen, that you show in your images, will also always provide the warning status

Note share level backups cannot be used to protect the System State and do not handle open files as they cannot access the open file technology (VSS) which needs the remote agent..

Oh and one further point you must have a remote agent serial number/keycode installed on the Backup Exec media server unless the remote system is running Windows XP

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Hi Colin, thank you very much for your answer, check the registry and the job is doing BKP, it only gives the error message, but if information is stored on the tape.
The desktop PC has Windows XP do not understand your last point referred to ...

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My last point is that Symantec licesning requires a serial number to backup remote servers and Vista workstations even if a remote agent is not involved however Windows XP is exempt from this requirement so should not need the serial number. Additionally if you want to you can actually install the Windows Remote Agent on an XP system without needing a license  and this would allow you to get rid of that message in the job log.

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Hi Colin, my last answer
I need to know if there is any official documentation from Symantec, because I have to try this or audit any need arising.

Thank you very much for your help.

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No license is required to protect Windows Workstation computer operating systems prior to Windows Vista with the Remote Agent for Windows Servers (RAWS)

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