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"Could not find v2iDiskLib.dll" When Restoring Image

Created: 04 Jun 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments

When booting off a GSS CD to restore an image made in Ghost 12, I get the following error:

ABORT: 40221, A virtual disk error occurred:
Could not find v2iDiskLib.dll

I haven't been able to find any information on how to solve this problem by searching google or searching the forum here. Am I creating the CD wrong? Is there a file I'm supposed to be including that I'm not? Thank you in advance for your help.

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Eugene Manko's picture

This forum is for Symantec Ghost users. Norton Ghost has nothing in common with Symantec Ghost (just the name) and uses an entirely different technology. v2idisklib.dll is the dll that parses V2I/PQI backup files. I do not know how you create CD in Norton Ghost but it looks like this file is missing from CD. Your best bet is to ask this question under BESR (backup exec system recovery) forum.

Good luck.

ohzone - CherylPeterson's picture

I've moved this post to the BESR forum. Hope you recieve an answer!


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marcogsp's picture

In the BESR world, the recovery disk is commonly refered to as the SRD or Symantec Recovery Disk.  Assuming that the recovery disk used is a derivitave of the BESR SRD and not the Ghost Solution Suite variety, there could be physical damage to the recovery disk.  Sometrimes all it takes is just a dull spot on the CD to make it no longer work.  The bulk of the BESR executables and libraries are stored in WIM file on the CD, so they are extracted a boot time.  Chances are v2iDiskLib.dll is one of those libraries.

If you downloaded the product, you may be able to download the ISO image for the SRD again.  If this is a boxed product, you may have to contact support to get a replacement, or a download link to the ISO image for your version.