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Could not process the selected items. Cannot contact the web server. Try again later.

Created: 29 Oct 2013 • Updated: 30 Oct 2013 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I've seen errors similar to this but have not found one that quite matches.

This started as a user getting prompted to enter login credentials by Outlook to connect to our eVault server. Once we got past the login, we encountered this error:

"Enterprise Vault

Could not process the selected items.

Reason: Cannot contact the web server. Try again later. Unknown error 0x80072EEF"

The client log shows these tidbits that I thought were important:

28/10/2013 08:14:52.457[5836]: Attempting connection to (
28/10/2013 08:14:52.506[5836]: Connected - Returned status code(200)
28/10/2013 08:14:52.506[5836]: Internet connection state = 1 (flags = 18)
28/10/2013 08:14:52.506[5836]: ~DesktopCommonUtil::HasInternetConnection: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:14:52.507[5836]: HDR: Successfully contacted the EV web server using:
28/10/2013 08:14:52.507[5836]: HDR: ~EVServerConnection::GetWebAppURLEx: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:14:52.507[5836]: DesktopCommonUtil::IsUsingBasicAuthentication: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:14:52.507[5836]: DesktopCommonUtil::GetEVUserAgent: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:14:52.507[5836]: ~DesktopCommonUtil::GetEVUserAgent: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:14:52.507[5836]: Attempting connection to (
28/10/2013 08:14:52.518[5836]: ~DesktopCommonUtil::IsUsingBasicAuthentication: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:14:52.519[5836]: CONTENT:BUILD: GetWebAppURL Returned:
28/10/2013 08:14:52.519[5836]: CONTENT:BUILD: ActualWebAppURL Is:
28/10/2013 08:14:52.519[5836]: CONTENT:BUILD: VEID:1A1E0C32355531E4781DC1279DECA808D1110000site, WebAppURL:
28/10/2013 08:14:52.519[5836]: CONTENT:DWNL:REG: CCBITSRegistry::NewArchive: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:15:49.434[3636]: COutlookSynch::SynchronizeFolder succeeded.
28/10/2013 08:15:49.437[3636]: ~OOMCommon::StartOutlookSync: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:15:49.438[3636]: ~ActionArchive<class ECETraits,struct BackendHTTPTraits>::HandleIndividuallySelectedItems
28/10/2013 08:15:49.438[3636]: ActionArchive<class ECETraits,struct BackendHTTPTraits>::HandleExplicitlySelectedFolders
28/10/2013 08:15:49.439[3636]: ECESelectionIter<class SelectedFolder,3>::ECESelectionIter: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:15:49.440[3636]: ECESelectionIter<class SelectedFolder,3>::GetNextValue: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:15:49.440[3636]: ~ECESelectionIter<class SelectedFolder,3>::GetNextValue: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:15:49.441[3636]: ~ECESelectionIter<class SelectedFolder,3>::ECESelectionIter: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:15:49.441[3636]: ECESelectionIter<class SelectedFolder,3>::ECESelectionIter: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:15:49.442[3636]: ~ECESelectionIter<class SelectedFolder,3>::ECESelectionIter: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:15:49.442[3636]: ~ActionArchive<class ECETraits,struct BackendHTTPTraits>::HandleExplicitlySelectedFolders
28/10/2013 08:15:49.443[3636]: ~ActionArchive<class ECETraits,struct BackendHTTPTraits>::OnAction
28/10/2013 08:15:49.443[3636]: ~Action<class ActionArchive<class ECETraits,struct BackendHTTPTraits>,class ECETraits,0>::operator ()
28/10/2013 08:15:49.444[3636]: ~CCommands::DoArchive: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:15:49.447[3636]: ~CCommands::DoCommand: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:15:49.599[9008]: CHTTPRequest::CheckStatus
28/10/2013 08:15:49.600[9008]: HTTP request error: 366 (503)
28/10/2013 08:15:49.611[9008]: HTTP request error. Enterprise Vault is currently unavailable. Try again later. 503 
28/10/2013 08:15:49.611[9008]: ~CHTTPRequest::CheckStatus
28/10/2013 08:15:49.611[9008]: ~CHTTPRequest::Connect
28/10/2013 08:15:49.611[9008]: CHTTPRequest::Disconnect
28/10/2013 08:15:49.611[9008]: ~CHTTPRequest::Disconnect
28/10/2013 08:15:49.611[9008]: Connect failed: 0x80004005
28/10/2013 08:15:49.612[9008]: CHTTPRequest::RequestFailed: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:15:49.612[9008]: BackendHTTPImpl::MarkedItems<&public: long __thiscall CItemMarker::UndoMarkArchiveMe(void)>::Unmark: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:15:49.629[9008]: CItemMarker::UndoMarkArchiveMe: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:15:49.640[9008]: Undo marking for archive: <e-mail>
28/10/2013 08:15:49.739[9008]: ~CItemMarker::UndoMarkArchiveMe: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:15:49.749[9008]: ~BackendHTTPImpl::MarkedItems<&public: long __thiscall CItemMarker::UndoMarkArchiveMe(void)>::Unmark: 0x0
28/10/2013 08:15:55.129[9008]: ~CHTTPRequest::RequestFailed: 0x0

Full client log attached.

I've searched the forums extensively and found a few related issues - proxy servers or ISA/RPC-HTTP issues. So far none of these apply to this situation.

The user has recently reset his domain password as part of our troubleshooting. Troubleshooting is a little complicated since the user is in Europe and I'm in the USA.

Any help? :)

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More info:

Enterprise Vault Client (HTTP)
Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3740QM CPU @ 2.70GHz Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9;
Microsoft Outlook 2007
[RPC over HTTP enabled (flags = 39)]
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0.7601.17514
28/10/2013 08:14:51.964[3636]:     Desktop Setting: SERVERVERSION
28/10/2013 08:14:51.964[3636]:     Value: 9.04
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any chance of getting a dtrace of w3wp on the server its contacting when you do this?
its most likely an error being thrown by EV, you might see something in your event logs also

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Also, what do you see in IIS on the EV Server it's contacting?  The response code could help determine the issue.

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This can happen when the RPC over HTTP policy options are set incorrectly for the applicable user's Desktop Policy.

Please refer following articles :

"Cannot contact the web server. Try again later. Unknown error 0x80072EEF"



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Sorry for the late reply.

@JesusWept3, since no other users were reporting problems and most of the content I found (such as EV_Ajay's comment) pointed to the client, I was troubleshooting this as a client issue. As soon as I took a look at the server I saw a bunch of nasty looking event logs - an Exchange synchronization task had failed to run. We kicked that off and everything is running smoothly again :)

As a side note, we had monitors set up to alert us when EV services failed, but not for tasks. Is there an easy way to set up an alert for task failure?

Thanks for the help! You guys are awesome! :)

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Take a look at this forum:

"windows 2008 has it built in so you can trigger a task to run (just like a scheduled task is triggered by a schedule) based on an event id. for example, take the event you see when your task fails, create a task to call a powershell script that sends an email. pretty easy to pull off and you dont need to install anything extra on the box".

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