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could not restore the item due to a server error

Created: 04 Apr 2014 | 5 comments


I'm getting this error when trying to restore items. Anyone seen this before?

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Can you give any detail?
Ev version? EV server OS? Version of outlook? Version of IE?
Affecting all clients? Some clients? Anything in the event logs? Have you dtraced W3WP? Have you done anything to resolve this? Can you view items ok? Are you restoring through AE? Search? Client?

Really need some detail

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Hello ashks2014,

This error message does not provide much information. It could be an Enterprise Vault issue, an IIS server error or another Windows component issue. If you can provide more details about the error message (full error description, screenshot, etc.), we could try to assist you and provide some thoughts to resolve it.

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I've attached a screenshot. The EV Version is The outlook version is Office 2010 and using IE10.. it's only affecting one user and tried resetting the EV client on that machine which didn't make a difference. Tried restoring through Outlook and the AE and both times they get the same error attached.Viewing items is ok but not able to restore them.

Can i try anything else?

EV error.JPG
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Looking at the screenshot, it seems like you are tyring to restore an item from the Enterprise Vault search. If you are receiving the same error message from Outlook and AE, most likely it's an issue with the EV server and not the client.

Have you checked the Enterprise Vault server event viewer? You might need to get a dtrace for: RetrievalTask, StorageRestore, w3wp, ShoppingService, AgentClientBroker and StorageOnlineOpns and recreate the issue form the client. If you get the SSID, you can easily search it in the dtrace log. Also, take a look at the IIS logs and look for any HTTP error code.

I hope this helps.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”–Winston Churchill

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What events are generted in the Event Viewer on the EV Server when this happens?