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Count of Computers by Processor Speed, Type, and OS report

Created: 09 Mar 2013 | 3 comments
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Apologies if someone has encountered this before. I have searched the forums and the KB in vain for any references to it.

I have noticed that the report entitled Count of Computers by Processor Speed, Type and OS gives inconsistent results on the top level server in a hierarchy. Many computers reported in the same report on the child servers are omitted from the results on the top level server even though the resources have been successfully replicated to the server.

The issue is caused by the fact that inventory solution records an integer value for the processor family in the Inv_HW_Processor table and then uses the String table to translate this value into a string value. It seems that these reference values in the String table are not being replicated up the hierarchy. If the lookup fails the vHWProcessor view will have a NULL value for the 'Processor Type'.

The report has a condition p.[Family] LIKE '%Processor Type%'. If p.[Family] is NULL, this condition is false and the computer will not be reported. A simple fix is to export the report, edit it in WordPad*, and change the condition in the query to COALESCE(p.[Family],'') LIKE '%Processor Type%'. Save the file and import it to the Processor folder. The report will show blank values for the Processor Type, but that is preferable to not seeing any results at all.

A better fix would be to ensure that the String table has corresponding entries to all of the Family references in the Inv_HW_Processor table. I am working on getting this resolved.

*Note: WordPad works better than Notepad for these XML files. Editing in Notepad invariably causes the file to fail to import back into the console.

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It turns out that it was not entries in the String table that were missing, but the logic used in the Processor_View function which tries to resolve the Processor Type based on the family code. If the family code is 1 or 2, it tries to read the processor name from the Inv_HW_Processor_Name or Inv_HW_Processor_Name_Windows tables. If there are no entries for the resource in these tables, then it reads the 'Other Family Description' field from the Inv_HW_Processor table. If this value is also NULL, the function returns NULL for the processor type.

I have noticed that on my installation at least, the Inv_HW_Processor_Name_Windows table is not replicating. Inventory on older systems like Windows XP and Server 2003 does not seem to recognize newer processors. That said the same OS are populating the Model field in the Inv_HW_Logical_Device table in my setup with a better description of the processor than the one returned from the Processor_View function.

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try this,

SELECT dbo.Inv_AeX_AC_Identification.[Name][Host Name]
, dbo.Inv_AeX_AC_TCPIP.[IP Address]
, dbo.Inv_HW_Processor.[Max Clock Speed (Mega-hertz)][Processor Speed (Mega-hertz)]
, dbo.Inv_AeX_AC_Identification.[System Type]
, dbo.Inv_AeX_AC_Identification.[Os Name]
AND dbo.Inv_AeX_AC_Identification._ResourceGuid=dbo.Inv_HW_Processor._ResourceGuid
AND dbo.Inv_AeX_AC_Identification._ResourceGuid=dbo.Inv_HW_Processor._ResourceGuid
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Hi Sachin,

Thanks for the suggestion but I am not looking for a query to recover some processor information from the database.

There are a number of problems:

  • The Inv_HW_Processor_Name_Windows table is not included in the hardware replication rule
  • The Processor_View function is not returning the most accurate results for the Processor Type even if this information is available.
  • The Count of Computers by Processor Speed, Type and OS report is not displaying results for machines when the Processor Type cannot be determined.

I have resolved all of the issues by editing the various items manually, but the issues have also been raised with engineering and a fix will be included in a future rollup.


John Doyle