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CPS configuration help required;

Created: 11 Apr 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009
Ok I've installed Backup Exec v 12 (the 60day trial) to get more familiar with this product, especially the CPS part. I know already it's going to take me a bit longer then the 60 days to get fully familiar with it...
For starters I am not even sure if it's currently installed or how I can tell if it is.
I know I do have the option under Exchange when configuring a job but our main question is simply this;
How do I simply backup data files using this CPS so any file will get backed up as soon as it changed.
I don't see this option anywhere and it's basically the same as when creating a basic backup job in V 10d.
If possible I would just like to run a normal Full job once a week (to take offsite) and the rest back it up real-time using CPS somehow.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated on simply just to get started.