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Creat Replicate date error Unexpected server error 0x10010000 in SEPM11.06

Created: 24 Sep 2012 | 5 comments

Dear all

I have a problem ,need help..SEPM 11.06 with embedded database

First I have Sepm on windows 2003 sp2 32bit. I need install a replication server on Windows2008 Enterprise sp2 64bit

I do it follow administrator datasheet , when creat replicate date from remote sepm  the show error Unexpected server error 0x10010000

anyone occure same problem . pls help.. many tks

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Unexpected server error 0x10010000 <site name> <server>

Check this thread

and also please check system time are same or not both server

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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Ashish Sharma

Tks for your feedback ,

I have check the guide as provide and  test the ODBC embedded database in Win2K3 and the show error when i want test it .-----the integrated logins are not permitted

then i check the scm-server-0.logs there no error such as 0X10010000... System time is same.

Maybe we need confirm the system environment

Primary Server : win2k3 sp2 32bit ,sepm working all right

Second Server; Win2008 sp1 64bit, new installation , i need install a replicate server on win2008,when creat replicate data show the error Unexpected server error 0X10010000

I also check scm-server-0.logs on Second server but there no error....because i just install it now ...

many tks

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I add the replicate server on Primary Server ,but when i add remote replication server there show no site database on remote server ,pls sync first. guide as follow

How to add an additional site to configure replication for Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) using an Embedded Database

so then i creat replicate date on new second sepm server, but now also show error same  0X10010000

guides as follow

How to install the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager(s) for replication

How can fix the problems?? many tks..

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