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Create archive with no associated mailbox

Created: 04 Apr 2013 • Updated: 10 May 2013 | 8 comments
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We are ingesting a whole bunch of PST files, recovered from tape. There are several PST files that belong to users /mailboxes that have since left / been deleted.

Is there a way to create an archive to as the target for these PST files without having to create an associated mailbox? I know if a mailbox is deleted the archive remains.

If so, can this be done using EV Policy Manager (Scripting)? i.e. if no mailbox found, create archive.

Many thanks


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You can create a shared archive to ingest items into with EVPM:


directorycomputername = ev1a.ev.local

sitename = myev


MailboxFolder =

PSTLanguage = Western European

MigrationMode = Process

IncludeDeletedItems = false

SetPstHidden = false

SetPstReadOnly = false

CompactPst = false

DeletePst = true

CancelMbxAutoArchive = true


Filename = \\w2k3srv\C$\temp\test data file 2.pst

ArchiveName = PST2

ShortcutMode = NoShortcuts

RetentionCategory = Default Retention Category

MergePSTFolders = false

Does that help?

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Thank you very much.

If I may, I have another question on EVPM. I have hundreds of PST files to ingest and having never used EVPM before, it looks like I have to create a structured ini file containing all the PST details. Is there a more automated way? perhaps a CSV where I can use Excel to do the hard work.

If it has to be in a structured ini file, the only way of producing the ini file is to use VBScript to 'convert' a csv to the ini file. 

All though, I might be able to bypass the ini file by using the provisioning API.



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EVPM can only be driven by the INI files unfortunately.

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PST Flightdeck?

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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Be aware shared archives are flat/unstructured like a journal archive, this any folder structure will be lost, which is ok for legal discovery purposes but if you have other plan then it may not be a good solution

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So I will have to create a script that:

  • Reads all PST files from folder
  • Determines if the user exists
  •    If true, then write out ini file
  •    If false, then create mailbox for user AND enable archiving AND write out ini file
  • Ingest PST into EV using EVPM command.
  • Delete AD user and mailbox (retaining named archive).

Thanks for eveyones inputs on this. I'll post the script once complete.


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Hi Rob,

Just re-reading  your post. Are you saying that if "MailboxFolder=" is left blank it will create an archive. What name does EV give it, also if this is running through 1000+  PSTs will it place them into the same archive (Shared) or a new archive.

Found this VBScript:

Many thanks for your help.


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No that section is 'just' for defaults.

The secod section is a specific one, for an actual PST file.  Let me just test, but I am fairly sure the name you put there (I have PST2) will force EV to create an archive of that name if one doesn't already exist.