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Create IE 6 Filter in ITMS 7.1

Created: 15 Oct 2013 • Updated: 22 Oct 2013 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I really miss Altiris 6 in that ITMS 7.1 makes it so difficult to create Internet Explorer filters for use as software delivery targets.  Found SQL code to create an IE7 filter but cloning/modifying the code for IE6 produced no results.  I've been tasked to upgrade some XP Pro boxes from IE6 to IE8 (don't ask me why since XP is so close to EOL) so that's why I'm trying to create an IE6 filter to target these workstations.  Found nothing in the Symantec KB.

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etk1131's picture

Here's a query that I've used for this in the past.  Someone else can jump in to help clean it up if necessary. :)

Basically it looks for everything that's not Windows 7, and also everything that doesn't have Windows Internet Explorer 7 or 8 in the Add/Remove Programs table.

select distinct [Name], [User] from vComputer
where [guid] not in
     (select vc.[Guid] from inv_addremoveprogram invarm, vComputer vc
      invarm.displayname in ('windows internet explorer 7', 'Windows internet explorer 8') and
      invarm._ResourceGuid = vc.[Guid]
     ) and [OS Version] <> '6.1' and IsManaged=1

order by [name]

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Unfortunately this raw SQL code chokes with the error message, below, after updating the filter's membership.  Perhaps those more familiar with SQL can chime in.  Note that I'm running SMP 7.1 SP2 MP1.1.

"Error updating the filter membership. Please ensure the first column returned from the query is of type GUID."


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The sql query from etk1131 will work in SQL Studio to check the results, you could try to run this first against your Symantec_CMDB directly in sql to verify the results.

If it's ok, you need to modify it to only return the guid for those machines.

So instead starting it with:

select distinct [Name], [User] from vComputer


select guid from vcomputer