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Create Image (replace existing)??

Created: 01 Dec 2011 | 2 comments

I have a Create Image task, part of a Create Image job.  My plan is to refresh this image monthly but I have noticed that each time it runs, it creates a new image ...\Task Handler\Image\<New GUID>\imagename.gho.  Is there anything I can do to force this task to always update the existing image instead of creating a new one?  

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The image creation task will not over write and existing image.. .This is actually there to help you. You can import the new image, verify everything is working as expected and then remove the old image. They have done this by design instead of it overwriting the existing image.

Hope this answers your question!

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What JMP51483 said is correct but there is an idea to trick DS to achieve what you are looking for; although I would say its not a very intelligent idea but if you desperately need image overwriting than can give a try:

Here you have one image already created in a specific guid which you want to overwrite every time a new image is created, (conditions: Image name and OS must be same everytime; which would be sure in your case)

  1. Create a script to run in Preboot environment to “move” newly created image (pick this new image guid info from recently executed ClientCreateImage Log) to “specific” guid (overwrite)  and test it once
  2. If you find it working as expected than make a “Job” with Create Image and This script to run one after another.

I can just hope that; with this you could get the expected :)