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Create incremental backup

Created: 31 Jul 2014 • Updated: 04 Aug 2014 | 4 comments
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Hi there,

I've just installed SSR 2003 SP2, and cannot figure out how to create an incremental backup.

I've created the initial backup, and want to have a weekly full backup on Sunday, and incrementals during work hours through the week.

How do I set this up? I can't find a simple explanation in the user guide. Or have I missed something?

Is there a document somewhere that explains this?



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Markus Koestler's picture

Yes, the SSR users guide:

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Hi Markus,

I looked through that. What page / section is it in?



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Page 85 is especially interesting for you I think.

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May be I can help you understand how to set the incremental on weekly basis assuming you are choosing the option "Recovery point set"

Open the console -> Edit the backup job -> Click Next ( 3 times)

On "Options" pane the outer schedule is for incrementals and under "create a new recovery point base" once you click on "Custom" the inside schedule  is for "Full recovery points"

So choose the days n time for full backups under Custom and for outside schedule choose the day n time for incremantals

Please check the screen shot

Note : If you choose the option "Independent recovery point"  type of backup it will not give you the option for creating incremental backups

Create Incremental.png

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