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create SLP to keep days 1-60 at primary site and then ONLY days 61-90 at secondary site

Created: 10 Dec 2012 | 2 comments

How can I create an SLP that will keep days 1-60 of my backups at my main site, then duplicates to the secondary site days 61-90 onyl.  My problem is that it seems like once a job finishes it immediately starts a duplication.  I have only room for 30 days at my secondary site.

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Deepak G's picture

Try using Vault. SLP - by nature starts duplication job once the backup is completed.

Whereas Vault gives you the option to duplicate images based on the condition you set.

We had a forum discussion on creating vault batches which can be useful to you.

Let us know, if you have any questions on it.

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Maybe what you need is to just have a different retention on the second site (if i am reading your question correctly)

So it is retained for 90 days on site 1 but only 30 days on site 2 - all set within the SLP

Everything gets duplicated to the second site but only the last 30 days is then kept on site 2.

Of maybe just duplicate the Monthly backups which requires multiple SLPs

If this is not what you meant clarify things and i will answer best i can

Hope this helps

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