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Create speeds were 2000Mbs/min now 400Mbs/min

Created: 24 Jul 2013 | 1 comment

I have a Dell PowerEdge R810 that I have been using Ghost Suite on for years.  

Recently create speeds have dropped to 400Mbs/min.  There has been no appreciable change in HD content.  In fact I replace disk 0 and disk 1 and installed a vanilla version of W2008 and created an image from disk 0 to disk 1.  The speed started out at about 800Mbs and dropped quickly to 400Mbps.  

Again, nothing has changed on this server, so why are the create/restore speeds so poor.  I used to spend 25 minutes creating an image and about 15 minutes restoring the image.  Now it takes over 3 hours.

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EdT's picture

Are these local speeds or "over the network" speeds?

What version of Ghost?

What else has changed?

Do you have any systems on the network that are in power save mode?

Have you tried monitoring network traffic if this is a network speed issue?

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